Why Is My Cat Losing Teeth?

Kittens losing their baby teeth is normal. However, it might not be so if adult cats lose their teeth.

There can be several reasons for kitty cats to lose their teeth; knowing the cause can help find an efficient solution to avoid further episodes. Owners on top of the dental routine can quickly identify any changes in their pet’s oral cavity sooner.

Early intervention helps reduce a munchkin’s pain and discomfort and potentially hefty dental bills. Still, it is important to consider being prepared with pet insurance for cats so that unplanned vet costs are more manageable.

Pet insurance, including dental cover, allows your fluffy friend to avail of quality medical care during untimely vet visits for dental reasons and medical emergencies, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

In the meantime, read this article to learn some common reasons why a furball loses teeth.

1.Dental and gum diseases

What might start as a superficial infection can quickly escalate to serious gum disease when left untreated. It often begins with “Gingivitis”, a condition in which the gums become inflamed due to plaque formation, and the mouth starts to emanate a foul odor.

This condition can worsen and lead to “Periodontitis”. A dental disease in which oral tissues are destroyed, leading to loosening teeth that eventually fall out. To help keep the chompers clean, you should stick to a strict dental routine that includes brushing and professional cleaning sessions at the vet’s office whenever possible.

2.Tooth resorption

Tooth resorption is often caused by physical injuries to teeth. For instance, injuries due to chemicals, burns, high impact, and traumatic incidents can cause infections, teeth loss, broken teeth, crooked teeth, and permanent damage to the dental apparatus (teeth, gums, and jaws).

This can be a very painful condition leading to erosion of teeth and is known to worsen as time progresses. First, the teeth become damaged, and later, they may fall out. Vets usually extract damaged teeth should a cat suffer from this dental ailment.

3.Mouth injuries

Mouth injuries are not uncommon in cats. Sometimes cats can get their mouths into forbidden things due to curiosity, and other times it may have nothing to do with their exploratory nature. They can happen due to pure misfortune.

Falling from a high place, bumping against something hard, chewing hard things, meeting with accidents, ingesting chemicals, or mouthing hazardous items can lead to mouth injuries. It is advisable to watch your fur baby as it engages with specific toys, household objects, other pets, and people around.

This way, you can help avoid your kitty from getting into dangerous health situations and save it from misery. Preventive care is better than curative care. It helps to focus on preventing issues rather than giving way to them and trying to fix them later.

Simultaneously consider being prepared with pet insurance so you will have peace of mind during unexpected vet visits that often accompany fat vet bills, especially when dental issues are involved.

Contemplate purchasing pet insurance for cats, including dental cover, so your munchkin gets top-notch medical care during distressing dental scenarios and emergencies with minor financial burden.

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