What Can You Eat After Food Poisoning?

First, you’ll need to find out what type of food you have eaten. Bacterial or viral food poisoning will have a fever. The best thing to eat after food poisoning is something bland, like chicken noodle soup. Avoid spicy or challenging foods until you’re feeling better. A BRAT diet is usually recommended, and contains bland foods such as chicken noodle soup  fullformsadda .

You should call your doctor if your symptoms persist or worsen. If you’ve recently been in the hospital, you should consult with your doctor immediately. Consult your health care provider to determine if you’ve contracted C. diff, a bacterial infection that often dishportal develops after taking antibiotics. Infection with this type of bacteria can cause fever and abdominal pain. The good news is that stomach flu symptoms are usually mild and only last a few hours. If you feel a bit queasy, you should see your doctor right away  informenu .

Another good idea is etvhindu to eat some probiotic foods to help your body fight the bacteria that cause food poisoning. Taking probiotics after food poisoning will not only prevent future food-borne illnesses, but they will also help you recover faster. Fermented dairy products are a great source of probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that are found in foods and replace the good bacteria in the digestive tract. Yogurt and kefir contain probiotics  quoteamaze .

While you’re trying to regain your strength, it’s a good idea to avoid heavy foods like French fries and white bread. While they might be delicious and comforting, these foods may only temporarily worsen your symptoms. If you have a fever, however, avoid these foods until you feel better. If the symptoms don’t subside, consider going to the emergency room to get medical attention.

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