Unitus Credit Union – Serving the Community

As an Age-Friendly Business, Unitus Credit Union has a history of supporting the community. Founded in 1937, this credit union has been committed to serving its members and the surrounding area. This year, they won the Portland Business Journal’s 2021 Corporate Philanthropy Award. This award recognizes local businesses that give back to their community. While this recognition is impressive, it does not reflect the philanthropic work of every Unitus employee filmy4wep.

In addition to providing services for older members, Unitus Community Credit Union also focuses on serving the youth and is nominated for an Age-Friendly Business Award. Among other initiatives, the credit union introduced a Unitus Member Advocate in 2015 to assist elderly members. In addition, they now have bilingual bankers in their Portland Metro and Salem branches, as well as a Spanish-speaking online banking website. A great service for members is the ability to pay back loans with monthly payments instead of monthly payments roobytalk.

For financial education, Unitus offers free videos and articles. Through its partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, the credit union offers one-on-one financial counseling, free articles, and helpful tips. The credit union is committed to helping members improve their financial wellness, and plans to explore new opportunities for serving members. In addition to its educational programs, Unitus is developing an app to assist members with their long-term financial journey. The credit union is committed to providing a better financial future for its members, so it strives to meet the needs of its members and community dydepune.

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