Optoma ZW350 Buyer’s Guide

The Optoma ZW350 is a remarkably high-quality projector with a 4,500-lumen WXGA lamp. The laser light source means no lamp or filter replacement, and no maintenance. Perfect for boardrooms and classrooms, this projector is also incredibly quiet, supporting both vertical keystone and portrait modes. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll take a look at some of the most important features of this projector. manytoons

The Optoma ZW350 includes a 1.3x optical zoom. It can display 3D content from virtually any source, including broadcasts in 3D. The Optoma ZW350 manytoon has an onboard 15W speaker, as well as built-in mouse functionality. The Optoma ZW350 is also equipped with Optoma DuraCore technology, moviesverse which implements advanced laser diode cooling techniques. The Optoma ZW350 also features an IP6X dust resistance rating, which makes it virtually maintenance-free. rexdlcom

The Optoma ZW350 boasts amazing brightness and picture quality. Its DuraCore laser light source eliminates the need for lamp or filter replacements. This projector has a long life cycle, offering up to 30,000 hours of service. Its compact size and low-cost operation make it an excellent choice for small meeting rooms and medium-sized venues. Its unique built-in features make it a perfect choice for a home or office.

This compact model has an IP6X-rated case for continuous maintenance-free use, and a built-in speaker. The Optoma ZW350 can be easily installed into any orientation and is equipped with an RJ45 connection for connecting to the starmusiq audio system. It is designed for medium-sized exhibition venues and offers exceptional image quality, while being lightweight and convenient  acmarketnet to use. It also has an IP6X rating, making it an excellent investment.

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