Optoma ZH403 Manual

The Optoma ZH403 is a powerful 3D laser projector with numerous features. Its features include an HDMI port and two VGA inputs. Its built-in speaker and 1/8″ output are also great additions. The projector also features a built-in laser pointer and 4000 lumens of brightness for crisp visuals. Its DuraCore laser light source eliminates lamp replacement and lasts up to 30,000 hours. Its manual includes instructions for installation and maintenance, as well as specifications and warning indicators.

The Optoma ZH403 comes with a 1.3x zoom lens to give you more flexibility in positioning your projector. The throw distance of a 150-inch image is between 13.2 and 17.3 feet. This distance is ideal for a small office, but for larger venues, you may need more room. The manufacturer offers a Projection Calculator to determine the throw distance. By using this calculator, you can accurately determine the throw distance of your Optoma ZH403 projector.

The Optoma ZH403 manual can help you determine which features are the most important for your needs. You can change the phase and frequency of the beam for a more efficient projector. Changing these two settings will help you conserve power and extend the life of the laser diode. A projector’s manual can be found online or in the unit’s manual. In some cases, it is necessary to purchase the manual from the manufacturer.

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