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New York Real Estate License Exam

A real estate license in New York requires passing the state’s licensing exam. This exam is comprised of 75 multiple-choice questions, and you must score 70% or better. You must schedule the test on eAccessNY, the New York Department of State’s Occupational Licensing Management System. You will receive your results online as soon as you have scored it. Afterward, you can use this information to schedule your exam.

To prepare for the state’s real estate license examination, you must take a course in real estate. Many pre-licensing classes will offer a real estate exam prep course. These materials will include online materials, practice exams, and tips for passing the test. However, be aware that real estate is a state-specific profession, so you need to check out the requirements for your state before purchasing an exam prep product. In Arizona, for example, the real estate licensing exam is divided into two parts: a salesperson’s test and a broker’s test. Generally, the broker’s exam requires 120 hours of classroom education. However, if you hold a real estate degree, you may qualify for a waiver on the 120-hour qualifying course requirement. However, if you already hold a real estate license from another state, you must submit an official transcript of your

When taking the real estate exam, remember that it is not a race. There will be other applicants who finish the exam faster or longer than you. Be sure to pace yourself so you don’t exceed the time limit. It’s best to study for the real estate license exam, but don’t make it a competition. By taking breaks, you’ll be able to relax and remember the information you’re studying better.

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