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Installing a Sliding Screen Door

There are some simple maintenance tips that you should follow for your sliding screen door. You should keep the screen door clean and free from dust and debris. You should avoid adding lubricants to the track of your sliding screen door, because they will trap more dust and debris. Instead, make sure the track is free of all debris and lubricants. This way, you can easily open and close your screen door without any problems. You should also clean the screen door track once in a while.

Rollformed aluminum screen doors are manufactured with thin gauge metal and incorporate a screen channel. They are the most affordable to produce, thanks to their comparatively strong rectangular shape and mitered corners. Steel and aluminum alloy corner sections are pierced into the corners for added strength and stability. These doors do not come with hinges, but hinges and latches are all made from metal. These hinges are easy to use and are made with sturdy stainless steel.

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After installing your sliding screen door, make sure to align the handle of the door with the screen door’s bottom roller. Then, make sure the screen door is square to the door jamb. Finally, make sure that the bottom rollers are next to the door track. Make sure that the screen door is leveled and that the bugs flap is not binding. If it does, trim it and push it back into the groove. These are just a few simple steps for installing a sliding screen door in your Home Interior.

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